About Prem Rawat

I’m here to offer reminders that we’re blessed by the miracle of existence, and to help point the way to inner peace. – Prem Rawat


Prem Rawat

A lifetime dedicated to Making Peace a Possibility for Individuals, Prem Rawat has taken his profound message to millions of people around the world. His audiences include people from all walks of life, be they World Leaders or Inmates at Special Security Prisons in Zambia. Having 14,000 hours of flight experience under his belt, a best-selling author, a Guinness world record holder, and a storyteller, his message has remained the same over the years.

“Peace is possible, and it begins within each one of us."

~ Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat began speaking about peace at a very young age. As a child, he astounded and delighted audiences with his wisdom and clarity.

At the age of thirteen, his message of peace had reached beyond his native India, and he was invited for the first time to travel to the West. This was the beginning of over four decades of nearly non-stop travel throughout the world, touching the lives of millions of people as he spoke to audiences, both large and small. His message is simple yet profound and it is available in more than 100 countries and 80 languages.

As a speaker, Prem Rawat is both accessible and humorous, using stories, analogies, and even poetry to reach his diverse audience. At the same time, he has an important message, that personal peace is a fundamental right for all. He speaks from the heart, without script or rehearsal, bringing simplicity to important issues that people often find complex. His life's goal is to offer his message of peace to all seven billion of the world's population.

In pursuit of this goal, he maintains a challenging travel schedule, often flying over 100,000 nautical miles in a year. In 2012 alone he spoke to over 730,000 people at 102 live events worldwide. During that time, there were over a million downloads of his videos. He receives no recompense for his speaking engagements.

In addition to speaking in front of intimate audiences and vast crowds - sometimes exceeding 400,000 in India - he has been invited to speak at several important institutional venues and forums. These include the European Parliament, the United Nations (UN), the Italian Senate, the Parliaments of Australia, Argentina and New Zealand, the Young Presidents Organization, and the Guildhall in London, as well as numerous universities across the world.

Prem has received the keys to over 20 cities in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, as well as other accolades, in recognition of his tremendous impact on individuals and commitment to the world's knowledge of peace. He has been named an Ambassador of Peace four times, once by UNIPAZ and three times by government groups. Prem received the Asia Pacific Brands Association's Brand Laureate Lifetime Achievement award in 2012, which is reserved for statesmen and women, as well as individuals, whose acts and activities have positively touched the lives of people and the globe at large. Among those who have received this coveted award is the late Nelson Mandela.

Prem embraces creativity and cutting-edge technology to further his work. He is an inventor, a photographer, a musician and a highly accomplished pilot. The majority of his more than 14,000 hours’ of flying time have been spent flying himself to his speaking events. Prem is married with four adult children and four grandchildren.

From Prem Rawat

Who am I? Who are you? We have a singular quest to better ourselves - to evolve, to move forward, to improve upon all that can be improved, to make it better. My message is about the possibility of the ultimate betterment of a human being-not of mankind, not of a country, not of a social belief, but of a human being. And it is not through religion or doctrine, not through ideas and concepts. It is through each individual exploring and finding the beauty within themselves. In the heart of every human being is a want, a wish to be content, to be in peace. Peace is not absence of war. Peace is a fundamental human need that needs to be felt from within.